Bayliner 2017


Bayliner 2017



Shopping for a serious Wake sports boat today can be frustrating -especially when you look at the price tag. These new Heydey models are here to bring you relief from all that with a serious wakeup call to be competition. They do so by delivering a purpose-built, perfomance-minded boat with everything you need, and nothing you don't. The WT-1, at just Under 20 feet, is designed for maximum affordability by eliminating unnecessary Equipment, focusing instead on a hull purposely crafted to throw a massive Wake for both surfing and wakeboarding. In similar fashion, the WT-2 -at just Under 23 feet- is an edgy side console configuration with more roomand more comfort. They're a pair of the most value-ooriented, purpose-driven Wake sport boats you'll find anywhere. And now that you've found them, it's time to rip it !

Longueur hors tout 19' 6"
Largeur 8'
Tirant d’eau approximatif 31"
Capacité de carburant 132.5L
Capacité de personnes max 9

Options additionelles


  • Challenger 5.7 320-350 HP  
  • Coastal Edition 5.7 350 HP  
  • Black Hull Upgrade  
  • Black Deck Upgrade  
  • Accent Package: Includes Colored Platform and Interior Accents  
  • Deluxe Textured Flooring Package  
  • LED Light Package Upgrade: Includes Lighted Cupholders, Underwater Transom Lights, Docking Lights  
  • Dash Upgrade: Includes Android Tablet, Ram Mount, Wireless Engine Data Puck, WT App  
  • Zero Off GPS Speed Control  
  • Elevator Plate  
  • Battery On/Off Disconnect Switch  
  • Digital Depth Gauge Upgrade  
  • Swivel Board Racks: Includes Wakeboard and Surf Board Slots  
  • Softsided Cooler  
  • Storage Tray Above Motor  
  • Wide Bucket Helm Seat  
  • Inverse Interior: Accent color becomes the base interior while base interior become accent color  
  • Deluxe Travel Cover  
  • Sunshade for Tower  


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